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Your Journey to Healing & Wellness with
Healing Point Massage Therapy

We will try to cover the most common questions we get from clients, starting from booking with us to what you should feel after your treatment.

We encourage you to call us at 780-569-3838 for any questions you may have and all about the services that we offer. We look forward to speaking with you.

How do I book an appointment as first time client?

There are 4 ways to book an appointment with us:

1. You can come and visit our clinic at 31 Liberton Drive in St. Albert Unit 108 to book in person.
2. You can call us at 780-569-3838 to book an appointment.
3. You can click the Book an Appointment button here in our website or click this link
4. You can leave us a message on our webform on top.

Please prepare to provide us with your information: First and last name, email address and cellphone number. You will also be asked to provide your credit card information to reserve your appointment.

Why do you need my credit card information and is that safe?

We only require credit card information to secure the appointment slot for you. But do not worry, we use JaneApp as our online booking site/appointment software. JaneApp only uses PCI-compliant credit card processors to store sensitive credit card data. You won’t be charged when you give your credit card information, you can still use your insurance for direct billing to pay for your treatment.
For more information about JaneApp PCI Compliant, please click here: 

What is your rescheduling/cancellation policy?

We have a strict 24 hour policy for cancellations or rescheduling. Please contact us immediately if you need to to reschedule your appointment. Any changes must be made 24 hours prior to your existing appointment time or you will be charged the FULL amount of your scheduled service. Same day appointments are not exempted because we save that time for you. We respect your time and we respectfully ask to respect our time and business too. With this reason, we require credit card information to be added to your file to save the appointment time for you.

Do I need a massage prescription to get a massage?

Depending on your insurance policy, some insurance require a massage prescription from your Physician. We would not be able to find this out for you until we bill your insurance and ask you to provide one. Massage prescription is valid for a year. It is very important that you mark in your calendar when you last get one to be able to have uninterrupted direct billing to your insurance. Get another one before your last massage prescription expires.

Can you direct bill insurance and how can I check my insurance coverage?

Yes, we are able to directly bill most major insurance companies. Please check with your insurance if your coverage is eligible to be directly billed as it varies depending on your policy. We are not able to check individual policy or predetermine your coverage as insurance will require that members call them directly. Most insurance companies have an online account or mobile app to check your policy. It is your responsibility to call and check with your insurance before booking your appointment if:
1. you have massage, osteopathy or acupuncture coverage;
2. how much are you covered per year and per session; and
3. when does your insurance reset.

Are you licensed and insured?

All of our therapists are registered to their respective associations in Alberta which all requires professional liability insurance. We can provide receipts that you can submit to your insurance with our license numbers. 

Is there free parking?

Yes, Liberton Medical Center has a huge parking lot and you can park anywhere for free!

Are all treatments and techniques the same?

Treatments provided are tailor-made to the client's individual needs. Rest assured that our therapists will carefully assess your problem areas and treat according to what your therapist feels will help you.  

Why should I drink water after a massage?

Massage helps to move trapped metabolic waste out of your soft tissues and move to your circulatory and lymphatic system. Drinking water will help your kidney flush out these toxins. Make sure you drink extra water after your massage and avoid caffeine the next day.

Do you have a special pillow for pregnancy massage?

Yes, we have a special pillow that can help our expecting moms getting massages be as comfortable as possible in a side-lying position.

Can I do my intake form in your clinic or do I have to print the intake form that I receive from in my email?

We love to save the planet earth so no more papers in our clinic. You do not need to print the intake form that you receive in your email, simply answer them directly from your phone and we will receive them when you finish filling it out online. If you are having trouble with technology, please advise us and we will help you fill out the form in the clinic, just come in a little early and we will be happy to help you out.

Do you have a waiting list if I cannot find a time from my preferred therapist?

Yes, you do have the option now to put yourself on a waiting list when you book online or you can mention it to us when you call us and we will put your name to our waiting list.

Where is the washroom?

There is a ladies and gents common washroom on the first floor. The men’s washroom is on the third door on the right hand side of the first floor and the women's washroom is just right across our clinic. Our clinic’s own washroom is currently being constructed.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Amex, Cash or E-transfer.  

Our History

Our humble beginnings. How we started and important updates in our clinic. 

May 2018

Starting off

Lianna Bergonia started Healing Point Massage Therapy and opened  in downtown St. Albert. 7 Perron St, St. Albert in a 96 sqft treatment room.

September 2019

Construction of New Clinic

Unit 208 renovation into a four treatment room massage clinic in Liberton Medical Center  

November 2019

New Clinic

Opening of Healing Point Massage Therapy in St. Albert

November 2019

Healing Point Pioneer Team

The pioneer team of Healing Point Massage Therapy

June 2020


Maggie Kaup, our Registered Acupuncturist, joined our team.

February 2021

Moved to Unit 108 

Relocated to Unit 108 - first floor of Liberton Medical Center.

March 2021

New Member of Team

Ivy Castillo, Registered Massage therapist, joined our team. 

If you have problems finding us, call us at 780-569-3838 and we will direct you.

How to Find Us

We are located inside the Liberton Medical Center (gray building which is currently under renovation) behind Pizza Hut along Liberton Drive in St. Albert.

We do not have direct access to St. Albert Trail yet.

Parking is free.

You will see Liberton Pharmacy beside the main entrance. We are on the first floor on Unit 108.

Coming from North St. Albert Trail: You can turn right onto Lennox Drive then turn left onto Liberton Drive. We are on the left hand side.

Coming from South St. Albert Trail: Turn left onto Mckenney Avenue then turn right onto Liberton Drive. We are on the right hand side.


31 Liberton Drive Unit 108 (Liberton Medical Center)
St. Albert, AB



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31 Liberton Drive Unit 108 (Liberton Medical Center)
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